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Milord is a Kingdom Management RPG game with city building mechanics.

Will your subjects die or rise? You decide!

You'll have to make hard decisions as the ruler of your fiefdom while preserving your limited resources.

You'll get to choose how you'll remembered; as a charismatic leader or a tyrant is all up to you.


For Valor and Glory!!

Delve into the different stories by petitioning, where you have your subjects asking for your help.

Experience the rich storyline with full of backstabbing, war and tough choices.
Make allies or conquer them.

There are many ways to end the war. However you must prepare yourself for the consequences.


Build Your Capital

A stable kingdom needs a stable economy.

With different type of buildings you can improve your fiefdom help you reclaim the destined lands.


Land is yours milord!

You can move your army and battle against your enemies!

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